6061-T6\T651 Aluminum Round Bar


6061 T6\T651 is a wrought aluminum alloy, worked by extruding, rolling or forging to specified shapes. Can be heat-treated or cold-worked by different methods to increase their strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication and other advantages. 6061 T6\T651 alloy conducts and dissipates heat well. Since it can be extruded, it can be formed into almost any imaginable shape.

Aluminum Round bar 6061 T6\T651 has a structural strength and toughness. It is also offers good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing, including clear, clear and color dye, and hardcoat. 6061 aluminum alloy is also easily welded and joined. Aluminum Round bar 6061 T6\T651 is a solid extruded aluminum product that is very versatile and has a wide range of applications.

For more information please refer to our Aluminum Alloys Guide and Aluminum Tempers Guide.