5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet\Plate


5052 H32 aluminum has increased corrosion resistance and strength and is used in more demanding applications. Aluminum sheet is used in many applications such as marine, small marine craft (“tinnies”), chemical, automotive, electronics, appliances & pressure vessels, food processing equipment, cabinets, and in treadplate form is used for industrial and marine flooring, trailers and tool boxes.

The 5052 offer a variety of design options for consumer electronics manufacturers. The 5052 is lightweight material enables you to trim precious ounces, coupled with high strength to make smaller, thinner components attainable. In addition to its great function, this alloy also offers a variety of look and feels and of alternatives for creating and updating handheld devices and technologies for the home.

For more information please refer to our Aluminum Alloys Guide and Aluminum Tempers Guide.